"Coffs Coast Advocate newspaper survey of best fish and chips "

The Advocate readers have made their choice about where you can grab the best takeaway fish and chips in town.

Readers were asked over the weekend to vote online for one of the 12 popular fish and chips nominated via our facebook page.

The Sea Salt stores at Sawtell and the Jetty turned out to be the most popular.

In all, a total of 644 online votes were received with Sea Salt receiving just shy of one quarter of all the votes.

The warmer weather and the fast approaching daylight saving means grabbing some fish and chips is about to become even more popular and now you know where the best place to grab them is.

5 September 2017 The Advocate newspaper



“Hit the spot”
Beautifully battered fish, whiting, prawns, scallops with chips. Good service. Fast and friendly. We took ours to a local picnic spot and had a great lunch.

19 September 2016 Tripadvisor


“Speedy fast food”
Very well cooked crumbed fish and chips. Good value for money and a speedy way of feeding yourself when cooking at home is uninviting and gives you the "holiday feeling".

6 August 2016 Tripadvisor



Ordered a Crumbed fish wrap for a takeaway lunch - SO good! Fresh beautifully cooked fish and the wrap just packed with tasty fresh salad and some great dressings - definitely recommend!

1 August 2016 Tripadvisor


“Great takeaway ”
Love the food here our fish n chips on the beach were really lovely from this fresh good place.
Upmarket fresh and modern fish n chips
We had the salads also they let me mix two into a large one so half n half
The seafood basket was huge for two although my husband eats a lot it was great value for money for the variety
3 of each fish prawns calamari potato cakes and chips $37 bucks! Plus the $8 Salad that made me feel is at least eaten something healthy!
Staff are great.
23 July 2016 Tripadvisor


“Best fish and chips!”
Best tasting fish and chips I had in a long time! I had my piece of fish battered and the wife had her piece crumbed. Both were cooked to perfection, and was clearly very fresh. We also had crumbed calamari and chips which were also perfect. Great range of boutique soft drinks. There looked to be quite an extensive menu catering for all tastes, including wraps and burgers and salads.

2 May 2016 Tripadvisor


“BEST fish & chips ever!”
Seasalt Jetty serve up the most amazing fish & chips! Their batter is so yummy and their chips are perfect - crispy on the outside and soft in the middle (none of those chips you are sure were cooked in really old oil :-() We recently ordered the pack with calamari, scallops, prawns, housemade aioli and lemon. We had enough for lunch the next day too :-) I usually love aioli or tartare with my fish and don't enjoy the fish without it BUT the batter was so yummy I only dunked my fish in the aioli once and then no more cause I wanted to taste that yummy batter. Highly Recommend - 10 stars!

27 April 2016 Tripadvisor


“Yummy fresh seafood, chips and potato scallops!”
Lovely service, lovely food! Took my granddaughter here for lunch - fish, chips and potato scallops, all very nice :-)

21 April 2016 Tripadvisor


“Batter like fairy floss - melts in your mouth”
Take-a-way for grandkids - all delicious - kids/seniors packs great value & crispy chips. Fish bites my new favourite - little fresh herbs in the batter, plenty to eat $7.50

 16 April 2016 Tripadvisor


"Sooo Tasty"

We have done the rounds of F&C shops in Coffs Harbour and these guys rank as my number one! Well prepared, with a good selection of locally caught fresh fish on offer, lovely crispy chips and potato scallops too. We ordered ahead for Good Friday and our order was ready and waiting at the exact time we requested... very impressed with their service, and would not hesitate to recommend. 

5 Apr 2016 Tripadvisor


"Good tasty fish and crispy chips"

Been searching for a good quality fish and chip place in the area and finally have to agree this is the best. Been here a few times now and the fish is always fresh and tasty, the batter crispy and chips cooked with the right crunch. Also has a good selection of fresh seafood and the staff are mostly friendly 

31 Mar 2016 Tripadvisor


"So good we went back for lunch the following day"

Highly recommend the fish and chips. Great selection of fish, cooked beautifully. Chips are lovely and crispy too. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Will be back!

25 Mar 2016 Tripadvisor 



Fantastic every time!! Chips are the best in Coffs and as for the fish it never disappoints . Thanks for your consistency ! 

24 Mar 2016 Tripadvisor


 “Paleo pack !”

Hating traditional fish and chips (although I have to say sea salts batter is to die for) finally being able to have fish and chips with the family was a real treat. Beautiful grilled mahi and the most gorgeous fresh salad in the paleo pack (a garden salad it was not !) - wish I had taken a photo because it looked so fresh and gorgeous - so glad they have come to our neighbourhood - a very welcome addition

27 Feb 2016 Tripadvisor


“Best Fish and chips”

This was the best grilled fish I have had in a long time. The chips were cooked perfectly and the sweet potato scallops were sensational.

2 Feb2016 Tripadvisor


"Best fish and chips in a decade"

I'm a resident in Coffs for the past five years, a travel writer for major newspapers and other publications and have sampled fish and chips around the world. I used to drive all the way to Woolgoolga to take in White Salt or down to Sawtell for Sea Salt v 1.0 (a sister restaurant).

Sea Salt Coffs at the Jetty shops has to be the best fish and the greatest chips I've had in a decade. Started by three women. one the sister of Sea Salt Sawtell, it's been a delicious stop for me the five times I've been there. I had the whiting four times and the whiting and prawn spring roll twice with their special black sauce. SUPERB!

And they also cooked the chips to my order--darker and crisper--making them better than the best vlaamses frites I've had in Holland or Belgium. My order was barely able to fit in the tray and bag and was vented perfectly for travel. I'm stoked that we finally have a proper and quality F&C shop. And of the five times I went in, the oil recycler was there taking out old oil showing their care in that vital part of the equatio. Also the salt they use is sea salt, not iodised crap salt.

25 Jan 2016 Tripadvisor


"Fabulous, love it"

 This little shop is fabulous, the food is scrumptious, the chips were nice and crunchy, the fish was fresh, loved the coleslaw and fish wrap. great service, friendly staff definitely recommend to go here.

I saw a couple of twenty dollar notes in the tips for chips jar and now I understand why and so will you

I give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star rating .

24 Jan 2016 Tripadvisor


"Fresh and Fab"

 Located at Coffs Harbour at some pretty empty looking shopping centre with nobody in it is Seasalt Jetty which actually looks like a more modern and aesthetic fish and chip shop. The staff were so helpful and friendly. The menu was really affordable. they also sold organic cola and soft drinks which were even more aesthetic. It didn't take long to receive the goodies, we

could have walked to the beach to eat them but we didn't. The battered fish were amazing, and the homemade tartare was ALSO amazing. Chips were crunchy and amazing. I think i just had the best fish and chips. Everything just tasted fresh and fab. 5/5. would recommend for fish n chips by the beach.

17 Jan 2016  Blog:


“Great food”

Delicious burgers, calamari, fish and chips. Fast friendly service. Terrific for when on holidays. Thanks 

11 Jan 2016 Tripadvisor


“Tasty seafood with gluten free option”

Nice little food shop close to Jetty beach. The highlight is fish and chips, but the menu features a very tasty gluten-free option with prawns and sweet-potato chips. Veggie dishes are also available. Definitely a good place for a lunch by the beach. Prices around 10 AUD per main dish.

10 Jan 2016 Tripadvisor


“Fantastic fresh food”

We have been to Jetty SeaSalt twice since it opened at the Jetty.  Our two visits to the Jetty have been fantastic. Extremely busy both times with orders, we were more than happy to wait. Ix lunch and 1x dinner on a Friday night. The staff handle the pressure of being busy well, and the food is up to standard also. Calamari was so tender and chips were great! We will definitely be recommending to others.

9 Jan 2016 Tripadvisor


"The Best Fish and Chips"

We ended up here simply because Hogs Breath were too busy so a big thankyou to them as they were the best fish and chips we have eaten and reasonably priced too! Will be telling everyone I know holidaying there, a must have on the menu!! 

Tripadvisor 9 Jan 2016


"A good find in Coffs Harbour”

We arrived in Coffs tired from the road and drove down to check out restaurants. The raucously noisy street of restaurants was not attractive so we went looking for a fish shop and were not disappointed. We ordered two packs, one with 2 pieces of John Dory and chips and the other with miso grilled salmon and Japanese style salad and chips. Then drove to the car park near the surf club and enjoyed our meal overlooking the ocean. Both choices were excellent. I would prefer slightly chunkier chips but that's a matter of taste no doubt. Friendly staff and we were impressed with the obvious focus of all the staff on what they were doing. Top job.

8 Jan 2016 Tripadvisor


"Great tasting fish and chips"

 Great tasting fish and chips, the chips had some sort of seasoning on them which made them better then almost all places that sell hot chips, the seafood etc. was nice, really light batter. Nothing to really complain about, Will be back in the future as it tastes better then basically all the other places in Coffs. 

7 Jan 2016 Tripadvisor


“Fresh and fast”

Interesting, fresh menu options a little more healthy and contemporary than the usual fish and chip shop. Crunchy chips, fresh salads, burgers and seafood. Sweet potato scallop was a delight to consume.

23 Dec 2015 Tripadvisor


"Spot On!"

I've been here a few times now, and the food is always great but tonight I nervously ordered the miso salmon. Cooking salmon properly seems to be impossible in most places, even supposedly good restaurants but Seasalt Jetty got it spot on

23 Dec 2015 Facebook


"Best Fish and Chips Anywhere"

Would not go anywhere else in Coffs! The absolute best fish and chips I've had anywhere! Would recommend to everyone!

17 Dec 2015 Facebook


“Great little place! yummy selection, made well”

I've been here twice and both times the food has been great. Menu selection is good with different choices/options you probably wouldn't get in a standard fish n chip shop. Good service, food made well.

13 Dec 2015 Tripadvisor


“Fresh produce”

Simply the freshest fish and chips in Coffs Harbour. Great service and great flavours. Highly recommended. Fresh from the market.

12 Dec 2015 Tripadvisor



Had the sea salt wrap... Omg so good, went back the next day for another.

8 Dec 2015 Facebook


"Best fish and chips in Coffs Harbour"

Best fish and chips in Coffs Harbour without a doubt! Lovely service and lovely people running it! We love it when we order and we come home to some more chips or some extra fish! Have ordered from there twice so far and this will be the only place where we buy our fish and chips from now on! Definitely recommend Sea Salt to everyone!

5 Dec 2015 Facebook


"Great to have Seasalt in Coffs"

Great to have Seasalt in Coffs as well. Everything is done perfectly- salads fresh, chips crunchy. And my new #1 condiment is black sauce- that Balinese Ketjap manis taste with the lime uplift. Now I want it on everything!

20 Nov 2015 Facebook


"Great Value"

Scrumptious takeaway lunch yesterday! Great value, fresh as can be, batter to die for. Will be back again and again.

14 Nov 2015 Facebook


" Fresh and Delicious"

I had the Cajun fish wrap, which was fresh and delicious with super friendly and fast service ... 6 minutes as promised! The fish and chips were great too, that batter! - We will be back!

11 Nov 2015 Facebook



Yum! So fresh and tasty. Cajun wrap is huge!! Better than any fish and chips in my home town of Byron!

7 Nov 2015 Facebook